Aroma Tee is the world’s first all natural, aromatised golf tee. On the tee, a calming scent will help with your shot precision.

These natural timber golf tees are stained with Australian Eucalyptus tree extract. Frequently used in aromatherapy, Eucalyptus increases your consciousness, calmness and concentration levels.

The Australian Aborigines used eucalyptus for a long time as a traditional medicine for treating wounds, body pains, sinus congestion, fever and colds.

AromaTee uses ‘Eucalyptus extract’ made from Australian Eucalyptus Radiata, so-called ‘narrow –leaved peppermint tree’, which is a medium to tall tree (30m-50m high) with persistent bark on the trunk and larger branches and its adult leaves are narrow lanceolate, acute, glossy, green, thin, 7-12 cm long, 0.7-1.5 cm wide. The leaves are distilled for radiata essential oil with camphor-like, somewhat sweet and citrus-like scent.

Cut from natural timber, Aroma Tees have no traces of chemical or paint remnants, thus no colour sticking or other damage can be caused to your golf club head. They are also environmentally friendly, with all broken tees easily absorbed back into the ground.

Product Option Pack Size Product Code
Eucalyptus 1 AT-003
Lavender 1 AT-004
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