Honey Comb and Comb In Honey Honey Comb is the natural state in which Honey is found in the Bee Hive. It is a series of small Bees Wax chambers or containers, which are filled with Honey by the Honey Bees. When the chambers are filled the Honey Bees seal the top of them with a cap of wax. Sometimes Honey Comb contains Propolis, which is seen in the form of dark spots in the Honey Comb. This is very good for you and tastes delicious. If the Honey Comb is dark all over then it contains large amounts of Propolis, this is also very good for you especially if you chew the wax. Commercially Bees Wax is used in all sorts of cosmetics, medicines, polishes and lots of other things Superbee Cut Comb 300g. This is a square of Honey Comb cut straight from the Bee Hive and placed in a box. 100% Natural. Full Frames of honeycomb are also available.

Product Option Pack Size Product Code
500g 12 SB-CIH-5000
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